YUSU “Heat Relief Herbal Tea” comes with the natural essence of fruits. Not only nourishing Yin and moistening lungs, this herbal tea helps to promote body fluid production as well as relieve cough and phlegm. Simply bursting with natural flavour, the tea gives off a mouth watering aroma – enveloping all the senses at once.


Keep your throat moist with a cup of sweet and refreshing Heat Relief Herbal Tea!


Product comes with 8 individually sealed bags of tea for maximum convenience. 


To Store:

Homemade upon order, no preservatives added. Keep refrigerated after a month from the purchase date.


To brew:

  1. Take out a tea bag and place it in a cup.
  2. Pour 250 ml of boiling water into the cup.
  3. Wait 8 to 10 minutes to drink.
  4. If you wish to consume the herbs in the tea bag, you can dispense the white tea bag and pour the herbs directly into the cup.


The amount of water and the number of brews can be adjusted according to your preference.


Sponsored by YUSU.

YUSU Heat Relief Herbal Tea

  • 50% of the sales proceeds will be channelled to NKF General Fund, which will be used to provide subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care for our patients.