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Students from all levels, from beginners to advanced fighters, can join and learn the art of Muay Thai. The gym offers a range of training sessions, catering to different skill levels and goals.


The trainers at Kai Muay Thai are experienced and skilled professionals who are passionate about teaching and helping students attain their fitness and martial arts goals. They provide personalized instruction, focusing on proper technique, conditioning, and overall fitness


The gym is well-equipped with training facilities, including a boxing ring, punching bags, and various training equipment. It creates a conducive environment for practicing Muay Thai and fostering a supportive community.


Partially sponsored by Kai Muay Thai Pte Ltd.


NKF’s eShop is a platform to match the sale and purchase of Kai Muay Thai’s products and any issues that may arise is the Kai Muay Thai’s sole responsibility. NKF shall not be liable howsoever and whatsoever in relation to the product. All queries relating to the product can be directed to

Kai Muay Thai - Muay Thai Group Training

$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • 50% of the sale proceeds will be channelled to NKF General Fund, which will be used to provide subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care for our patients.

  • Redemption steps on purchase of class will be sent to buyer within 3 working days through email after purchase.

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